Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Soft toys 4 girls

Disney Store: Piglet Soft Toy

Hi ;)
A few days ago our post was about toys 4 boys. So to be fair, today’s post is about fluffy friends for girls!
Every girl, never mind how old is she, likes teddy bears. It is an ideal gift for every occasion; like birthdays, Christmas presents or for Valentines Day.

The Bear Works: Posh Poodle

You can choose everything for your teddy bear: clothing, shoes, outfit & accessories. Create your teddy bear online – it’s so easy. I’m sure you will have fun.  
 One of my ideas for you is Disney Store in the UK. 
It can be found here: http://www.disneystore.co.uk/toys/soft-toys/girls/mn/1000260 1000763/
The range of soft toys there is amazing. I can spend looong hours there, just looking at beautiful, colourful & very cute toys. Everybody knows Disney heroes and their princesses, like Cinderella, Daisy, Mini Mouse, Tinker Bell, The Little Mermaid and more.

Disney Store: Snow White Doll
Disney Store: Little Mermaid Doll
Also well known are soft toys like Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi; both for girls and boys.
Build a Bear: Bunny

Girls do love dolls. I also found something interesting for them - A special doll with brown hair and blue eyes who loves to play and dress up with her friends. It’s a lovely doll for little girls, who want to still wants to dress up her toys.
The Bear Works: Brown Plaits Doll
And for example outfits:
The Bear Works: Purple Ballerina

The Bear Works: Luxury Red Silk Nightie

So – If you know some little girl, or are looking to give a unique gift your mum, friend or girlfriend - create a personalized bear and make someone smile!

The Bear Works: Magical Unicorn

Friday, 23 September 2011


Vermont Bones Bear
The Halloween is coming! Have you thought about costumes for this occasion? If not, it’s high time to do it.  This year I’m going to dress up as a ugly witch. I’m going to spent this day with friends – we will do our own pumpkin!
My proposition for today post is Halloween outfit for teddy bear, because it can not take place without the participation of your fluffy friend!
So…Trick or treat? What’s your choice?

Vermont: Halloween Teddy Bear "Boo Bear"

Vermont: Vampire Teddy

Halloween Cat
The Bear Works : Pumpkin Outfit

The Bear Works : Witch Halloween Outfit

Monday, 19 September 2011



Nowadays being fit is quite important for our health, shape and mood. Not everyone likes typical sports like: football, running or swimming. If you want, you can find millions of types of activities, which can be a lot of fun. I can’t believe that there would be a person who hates every sport.
Teddy bears, like people, need some entertainment and movement in the fresh air. Toy manufacturers came up with the great idea to create a lot of sports stuff like balls, rockets, fishing rods, jogging outfits and so much more. The list is endless.
Below I present some fantastic sports equipment for our fluffy friends.
The Bear Works Pink Jogging Outfit
Running is the most popular sport. If your teddy wants to be healthy, athletic and fit then it might be time to begin training! Feeling comfortable and looking good is very important for some bears. Running outfit includes pink hoodie and shorts.

Build A Bear Ball

Officially licensed teddy bear size red football with Liverpool logo.
Build A Bear Arsenal Kit
Officially licensed teddy bear size kit includes Arsenal Fly Emirates red and white jersey and shorts and white socks.

The Bear Works: Boys Golf Outfit
Is your teddy a born golfer? Golf requires lots of practice and patience and it’s always important to look smart. Golfing outfit includes shirt, golfing cap, white trousers and golf bag with clubs.

Build A Bear : Gold Medal

Teddy bear size gold medal with red, white and blue strap.

The Bear Works : Karate Uniform

Build a Bear Snowboard
If your teddy loves dancing, listening to music and any sports, this is something special for her. Special cheerleading outfit includes short skirt, short top, pompoms, and pants.

Does your teddy bear like relaxing in the sunshine by the river? We have got something special for him – a fishing outfit. Fishing is the perfect hobby for tired teddy bears. Finally he will be able to relax and chill out. Includes shorts, a shirt with waistcoat and fishing hat.
Build A Bear Boogie Board
Catch the waves with this teddy bear size red boogie board with palm trees graphic.

Let's play!

Friday, 16 September 2011

If I was in your shoes...

Nobody likes to go barefoot, even toys, that’s why today we visit teddies shoe store. In shops in the UK and on ebay u can find many types of shoe, depending on the season, fashions and usage.
In my opinion, each teddy needs four types; some outdoor boots, elegant shoes, casual shoes & warm slippers.  For fashion victims teddy there are also sandals, athletic footwear, rubber shoes for rainy days & even high heels for teddy girls!!!
Paw Wheel Skaters

Silver Bearitors

Here is a link to shoe-shop for teddy bears: http://www.thebearworks.co.uk/shoes/
And another one: http://www.buildabear.co.uk/shop/browsecategory.aspx?CallingPage=BrowseCategory&Category=Shoes
In my collection I found also several interesting pairs of shoes. Want to see?

White Pop Ice Skates

Fair Isle Boots

The Bear Works: Ladybug Slippers

The Bear Works: Brown Sandals

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Big day!

 Hey you!
When I was walking yesterday, I saw a beautiful view – a bride wearing a long, amazing, white dress & veil and also a groom in a dark, elegant tuxedo. They looked really happy and moved. I wish them all best! And that's how I came uop wit this idea: write in this post about the most important events in our life (and our teddy's life as well).
Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

It’s obvious, that the most important happening in our life was… day of our birth.  That’s why each year we celebrate it with family & friends, we give presents & organize parties. For stuffed toys it is also very big day. In the huge range of our furry friends you can find a pregnant bear, new born teddy, birthday teddy.  Each of them is great idea for a gift for this special occasion.

The Bear Works- Baby boy blue outfit

Vermont - Pregnancy Bear

 The next big day is our first day at school. It’s full of impressions! Someone said, that the years you spend at school are the best years in your whole life. Do you agree with it? Everybody knows what a graduation is and the clothes you need for that occasion – also teddies. I think this teddy bear wearing graduation outfit is so cute!
Vermont - Graduation Bear

The Bear works - Black Shoes

During high school or university, we have some big events, for example like prom ball. Every girl dreams about beautiful, amazing dress and pretty appearance in this day.  Why don’t you dress up your teddy in long, colorful dress?
Vermont - Pink Dress Teddy

The Bear Works: Purple Passion

The Bear Works: Prom Dress.

For every teddy bear there is a time when he must look smart. After all, every bear wants to get married at some point. A tuxedo for groom and white dress for bride are absolutely essential for this. Also a very important part of the day are accessories, like an elegant hat for him & long, white veil for her.

The Bear Works: Rosie

The Bear Works: Tie and Rose ( Accessories)  

The Bear Works: Tuxedo
Wedding Teddy Bears

So… It’s high time to celebrate!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Toys 4 boys

Army Camos with Cap

Today I am writing something especially for … BOYS! It’s not true that they don’t like teddy bears or outfits and accessories for toys. It’s also not true that they like only cars, football & blocks.  This is because boys don’t know anything about the soft toy animals for them. What a pity, because in some shops you can find hundreds of them! For example: wild animals like leopard, lion, hippo, tiger or alligator. One of the most favourite is of course dinosaurs.

 It’s so good to have a few dangerous friends and then you can always feel safe and comfortable ;)

http://www.noahsanimalfigurines.com/catalog/-c-397_415.html It’s link to a great lion toy. The price is quite interesting $550 !!!! Who is going to buy it? ;d

Teddy bears are a great idea for a gift. It’s impossible to not like soft, cuddly toys.  Everybody likes hugs and sleeping with a teddy in their arms.
Toy manufacturers have prepared wide range of accessories designed for young men. Don’t you believe me? Now without any problems every little boy's teddy can become a fireman, Nascar racing driver, Army Commando or Policeman.
Special Forces Camos Outfit

Police Uniform

It’s totally easy! For the most demanding people theyre's also astronaut, construction worker and pilot costumes as well.
By the way, I also have something  for football fans- red football kit with whistle!

Red Football Kit
Construction Worker & Hat

Fireman Dan
Nascar Car Racing Uniform

So – let’s go shopping!